Sterling River Boots American Flag Design
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Sterling River Boots American Flag Design - $30

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Western Booties for the Modern Day Cowgirl

Cowgirl boots are not only fashionable but also very functional in western booties. These ladies cowboy boots are stylish when put on with some leather hat too. They also allow protection from mud during wet weather conditions, keeping the feet dry hence prevention various infections such as fungus in colder environmental conditions.

These boots offer outstanding style characterized by a towering boot shank, which goes to at least the mid-calf level of a leg, with a slant cowboy heel, which is usually over one inch in height. A slightly lower, still slant heel has also been very common in the market. The toe of these western boots is round in shape. They are an exemplary pair of cowgirl boots put the final touch on modern design for many occasions, and not only give a unique look but also protect the feet.

Sterling River Boots with American flag design. They are in good condition. Pet free home.