Silver Jeans | Tuesday Boot Cut Dark Wash
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Silver Jeans | Tuesday Boot Cut Dark Wash - $22

Silver Jeans

Silver Jeans is one brand that I love to buy. The variety of styles and different fits are put together really thoughtfully. No matter what shape you are or size, you can be assure you will find a nice pair of jeans that fits you perfectly. They sell jeans for man and woman. Silver Jeans will last for a long time before you have to buy another pair. Each pair is designed beautifully and the fabric is high fabric.

The different styles of jeans they carry are suki, avery, elyse, tuesday, girlfriend, boyfriend, calley, and mazy. Each one of this different styles flatters the different body types. The buttons on the jeans are good quality and durable. Stitching on every piece is reinforced. With all the different style they also have different wash on the jeans. 

Tuesday Style

This pair of Silver Jeans are in style Tuesday. The Tuesday style flatters those with athletic bodies and those with shorter torsos. The waist gives and illusion of curves. This pair of jeans is boot cut style. The jeans have a dark wash tone to them. They also have distressing on jean pockets and leg edges. The distressing gives it more of a natural look. This pair of jeans has a low rise fit. The back pockets are traditional style with Silver Jeans embroidered “S” on each pocket. On the front pockets each corner has a unique button on the edges of each pocket.

Attention to Detail

The buttons are in good condition and have no signs of wear. Each button has a beautiful design carved on it. The pair of jean has a zipper closure at the front. After the zipper closure you have two buttons to fasten. The first button is a clear plastic button ant it is located on the inside, the second button is the main button that goes to the outside. This button measures 2cm in diameter. The belt hoops are have good strength and are about 2cm wide.