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ROXY is a brand that stated off only selling surf wear for woman. After a few years they expanded to sports wear. Then they came out with their denim line and snow wear pieces. They have expanded to many other avenues since they started. Roxy offers a lot of products for woman and girls. Their products are high quality and they have some great designs. They have a variety of different items to chose from.

Soft and Warm

The Roxy cardigan has a beautiful boho style pattern. It feels really soft and will keep you warm. It has some beautiful colors, like soft pink, darker pink stripes, teal, and cream. It has some rib stitching on the collar that runs down the front on all the cream color portion. The cuffs both have small Roxy tags on them have the name and logo on them. The rib pattern stitch is also on each one of the cuffs in teal color. The bottom of the back of the sweater has that same rib stitch in teal color. The cardigan is fuzzy and stylish. It is 100% acrylic and machine washable.

When to Wear

This boho cardigan can be worn many different ways and with many different styles. It can be worn with a pair of jeans, scarf, blouse and some riding boots. You can also wear it with a nice pair of slacks to make it a comfy wardrobe day. During fall you can wear it by itself with a camisole underneath. During winter it can be worn with a long sleeve shirt. Either way you decide to wear it you will look really fashionable. Their are many ways to style it. It’s time to stock your closet up with beautiful winter pieces. I for my self love wearing warm, stylish, and comfy pieces. Whatever your style is its always nice to add new pieces to your closet.