Maurices | Waterfall Aztec Cardigan Multicolor

Maurices | Waterfall Aztec Cardigan Multicolor - $12


Maurices has stylish clothing without breaking the budget. They have a wide range of sizes from 0-24. No matter what size you wear you will be able to find in store or online. The pieces of clothing are versatile and can be worn from season to season. If you are unable to make your mind on what style you like best they have in store style experts to help give you honest advice on what looks best. They have trendy clothes for every season.

Waterfall Cardigan

This waterfall multi color aztec cardigan has such a unique style. The colors from this cardigan range from black,white,gold,orange, and burgundy. The sleeves are attached with a teal color reverse seam. Pattern is the last thing that this cardigan fails to have. You could find from stripes, diamond shape, zigzag, etc. The front of the cardigan has a beautiful waterfall effect that flatters the figure. The entire cardigan has a black outline around.

Patterned Style

This waterfall cardigan is perfect for layering. If you are trying to start mixing prints this cardigan is a great place to start. You can either pick one of the patters from the cardigan for your pants to keep pattern in the same family and a solid color shirt underneath. Another style you can chose is going with a pair of teal pants to bring out the teal on the shoulder seems. There is so many ways to style it and pieces to choose that will go to make the patterns pop.