Free People | Striped Long Sleeve Top

Free People | Striped Long Sleeve Top - $10

Free People Clothing

Free People clothing soothes to every ones own clothing style and lets each person express themselves by what they wear. Free People started in Philadelphia, PA and it was focused for the young people that live in the neighborhood. Over time Free People grew into a more contemporary and mature brand. By growing to a more mature brand it gave other woman a chance to express themselves in ways that they couldn’t before. No matter what your clothing style is you can find some piece that you like with Free People. The clothing quality is good and affordable. Free People has expanded to many different brands and they’re available in different platforms.

Comfortable and Unique Clothing

The Free People clothing is really comfortable and has unique styles. This Free People top is off the shoulder. The top is light weight and has a unique pattern design. The sleeves roll up at the end. The neck line is a scoop neck. The top is longer on the back and shorter in the front with slits down the sides. It is a size L. It has a stripe design going horizontally on the abdomen section of the shirt. The stripes on the abdomen section are black and in between both of the black stripes it has a cream color. The sleeves and bottom of the top also has a couple of black stripes going horizontally.

Adaptable Wear

This shirt can be worn with a camisole on the bottom and a pair of jeans. This shirt can be worn with a nice bralette and a pair of black leggings. It is light and airy that you can even wear it for summer with a nice pair of shorts or skirt and tenni shoes. No matter what the weather is this shirt will keep you cool. It is always amazing to have adaptable pieces in your wardrobe specially when weather is changing.



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