Boston Proper Cobalt Blue Pleated Blouse

Boston Proper Cobalt Blue Pleated Blouse - $10

Boston Proper

Boston Proper is a brand that has a lot of chic pieces. It caters to woman by inspiring them on the way they dress. Boston Proper is not made for a certain age group of woman. Instead of an age group it caters to a specific attitude of woman. The attitude of being sophisticated while feeling sexy at the same time. No matter the way you feel a certain day, you can be sure to find a statement piece that will make you look and feel amazing. Boston Proper can be purchased by catalog or by simply going to their website.

Flexible Style

This Boston Proper blouse feels really comfy. It is light weight. The blouse is 100% polyester making it feel really smooth in texture. It has a nice shine to it making feel really elegant. The material of the blouse helps prevent wrinkles. The pleats on the blouse help it keep its original design. The design of the blouse has a nice flow and it allows you to feel sexy and comfortable at the same time. The straps on the shirt are adjustable, so you can adjust how low or high you want the blouse to go. The neck line is a v-neck. The lining underneath is 90% polyester and 10% spandex giving you the comfort to adjust. Overall it is a unique piece to have in your closet.

There are many ways to style this blouse. It can be paired with black jeans, over the knee high boots, and a pattern jacket on top. If you are looking to do a business attire style, you can pair the blouse with a pair of patterned trousers, nude pumps, and black blazer. It will look amazing with black pencil skirt and stiletto heels as well. With blouses you have a lot of ways to play with and change the look and feel depending on the occation.