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Ann Taylor | Sleeveless Waterfall Zigzag Blouse - $12

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Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor has a lot of elegant business attire. While they focus more on a dressy style clothing they have some beautiful and unique pieces. If you are looking for clothing for work you can find something at Ann Taylor. If you are into skirts, dresses or even pant they have it all. Each piece of clothing is made with great materials and are great quality. Besides Ann Taylor they also have a more budget friendly brand which is Ann Taylor LOFT. Both brands are very similar in style but LOFT is more causal wear.

Waterfall Zigzag Blouse

Ann Taylor blouses are some of the best fitting tops. This waterfall sleeveless blouse is made of polyester. It feels really soft on and fits amazing. The neckline makes the design of the front look really flattering. The zigzag design pattern runs vertically making you look slimmer. This waterfall blouse has so many beautiful colors, starting with black, blush, purple, cream, and grayish brown. The back of the shirt has the same zigzag pattern but goes diagonally. Blouse is gorgeous.

Universal Fashion Style

Their are a lot of ways to dress a blouse up. They are such a universal piece of clothing that they can be worn different ways. Perfect blouse to wear to work with a nice pair of pants or skirt with pantyhose and a nice pair of dress shoes or pumps. If you are looking for a more business casual look you can pair the blouse with a pair of skinny jeans and blazer. Since the blouse is sleeveless you can choose to put something over it for example a cardigan, jean jacket, cropped jacket, or motto jacket.