The Top 6 Fall Fashion Trends Of 2022 Hot-Off-The-Runway

October 11, 2022 / 2 min read

Refreshingly unique, utterly chic, and drenched in vivid colors that excite and delight; the top fall fashion trends of 2022 are certainly far from quiet. Designers and fashion mavens alike collectively decided to embrace unapologetic maximalist, intricate textures and silhouettes reminiscent of another era to combat the cold-weather blues.

Some of the most noteworthy, hot off the runways, fashion trends 2022 has to offer revolve around sumptuous silhouettes that welcomed the zeitgeist of the late 1970s and 80s. Likewise, an array of western-style infused looks flooded the moody Fall/Winter runways with leather, snakeskin print, and a whole lot of fringes. There is just so much to unpack here.

From New York and Paris to Milan and London, we rounded up the top fall 2022 trends that crept into the fashion weeks of every major style capital of the world.

'70s nostalgia

We can’t help but notice a wholehearted shift towards the beloved ‘70s styles. Fresh yet nostalgic, the unapologetically bold hippy looks infused with Scandi-chic details will be the highlight of 2022. Running from neutral-colored hues, and unapologetic, blast-from-the-past corduroy, to classic hobo-style bags, folksy motifs combined with unmissable patchwork, and intricate crochets — time to embrace the laid-back, peace-loving romanticism of the era.


Subtle hints of the Old West made their appearance in 2022. The runway line ups included fringe-adorned jackets paired with denim to snake print, and cowboy hats, the head-turning ensembles are more than a few. Moreover, the timeless western-inspired aesthetic has been infused with look-at-me-now hues for the ultimate contemporary looks.

Athleisure with a retro twist

Athleisure is certainly here to stay. The runways were absolutely flooded with '50s varsity jackets, exceptionally-styled color blocking, and function-before-fashion windbreakers that cater to our comfort demands. Retro-sporty-chic is the new cool thing.


Tailored suits took over the entire fashion sphere a while ago. But this time, it’s all about dramatic tailoring with emphasis on volume. 2022 suggests we go with bigger silhouettes and exaggerated frames for the ultimate dramatic effect.

Head-to-toe leather

Leather maxi coats and sleek blazers, full-on leather suits, and flirty minis — there is a slew of options to choose from. The top 2022 fall wfashion trends force us to embrace the Matrix-inspired aesthetic drawing inspo from the runways.

The top bag trends of Fall/Winter

The top bag trends of 2022 aim to enrich our wardrobes with bold flashes of vibrant ombré and airbrushed color detailings, followed by fur-covered minis and, of course, the tried-and-true all-black leather. From itsy-bitsy clutches and festive-ready metallic purses to backpacks and structured handbags, you’ll definitely be able to find your next “it” bag.

Also, this season we witnessed the return of the bucket bag. Large macro bags, however, also managed to creep into the sartorial experiments of most designers.

The top fashion color trends

The Pantone Color Institute delivered us some much-needed inside scoop on the top fashion color trends of 2022 ahead of time.

The enviable hues include pastel yellow, lilac, silver, brown, and blue to head-to-toe pink, green, and orange tiger, the options are certainly in our favor.

No matter your preferences, the top fall fashion trends of 2022 trends are wearable, fun, and ready to match your personal style to a tea.