Ann Taylor and Loft - A Comparative Guide to These Sibling Brands

November 21, 2023 / 3 min read

In the bustling world of fast fashion and endless choices, it's easy to get lost among the racks of clothes that promise style and affordability. With so many designers and brands vying for attention, how can a discerning fashionista find the best deals without sacrificing style or quality? Enter Thrifty Haven—a haven indeed for women seeking chic, high-end fashion at secondhand prices. At Thrifty Haven, our mission is rooted in sustainability and pocket-friendliness, offering you an accessible avenue to build your dream wardrobe without breaking the bank. Today's post dives into the diverse world of the Ann Taylor, Loft, Ann Taylor Factory, and Loft Outlet brands. We'll be exploring the similarities, differences with these closet staple brands. Ready for a pocket-friendly fashion journey? Let's dive right in!

Here is an overview of the brands we'll be focusing on today:

  • Ann Taylor: This brand is a long-established pillar in the world of women's fashion. Known for its sophisticated, modern, and refined designs, Ann Taylor is a go-to for professional wardrobing.

  • Loft: As a sister brand to Ann Taylor, Loft offers a more relaxed, youthful and budget-friendly fashion range. It’s characterized by its easygoing styles and it also includes maternity wear.

  • Ann Taylor Factory: This is Ann Taylor's outlet brand, providing the same professional attire that Ann Taylor is loved for, but at a more accessible price point.

  • Loft Outlet: This is Loft's budget-friendly counterpart, offering casual women's apparel at outlet prices.

Each of these brands brings something unique to the table, but with the many options including multiple divisions of the same brand, it’s easy to get confused. So how do they differ from each other and where can you get the best deals? Stick around as we delve deeper.

The Evolution of the Ann Taylor Brand

The illustrious journey of the Ann Taylor brand dates back to 1954 when founder Richard Liebeskind opened the brand's first store in New Haven, Connecticut. The brand name, 'Ann Taylor,' derived its namesake from a best-selling dress at Liebeskind’s father's store, embodying the classic, clean cut and well-tailored aesthetic synonymous with the brand. Throughout the years, Ann Taylor’s dedication to timeless design earned them a loyal following among accomplished women seeking tastefully crafted apparel. The company’s ongoing success led to the expansion of its portfolio, giving rise to Loft, Ann Taylor Factory, and Loft Outlet, each adding a unique flavor to the brand's fashion repertoire. Let's take a deeper dive into their offerings.

Ann Taylor and Loft


  • Ann Taylor leans towards a modern, sophisticated style. It offers a range of apparel suited for a business environment and formal social occasions. Tailored suits, sleek dresses, elegant blouses—Ann Taylor has got you covered.

  • Contrarily, Loft plays around with relaxed, youthful, and laidback styles, ideal for casual, everyday wear. Think cozy sweaters, chic jeggings, and playful accessories.


  • Staying true to its high-end branding, Ann Taylor's pricing is on the higher end, reflecting the quality materials and craftsmanship in their products.

  • On the other hand, Loft's pricing is more budget-friendly, catering to younger demographics and those seeking a more cost-effective fashion solution.


  • Ann Taylor's sizes tend to run larger, accommodating a broader range of body types.

  • In contrast, Loft's sizing runs smaller, more closely following the contemporary fit standards.

LOFT Outlet vs. Ann Taylor Factory

Outlet and Factory stores:

  • Outlet and Factory stores are typically located in outlet malls and are popular for offering high-end brands at lower price points.

Pricing, Style, and Quality:

  • Ann Taylor Factory provides professional attire, similar to the original brand style— but at more affordable prices. Some pieces are made specifically for the outlet and might differ slightly in quality.

  • Loft Outlet offers casual wear similar to Loft, but the attire is more budget-friendly. Like Ann Taylor Factory, some items are made specifically for the outlet, possibly differing in quality from original Loft products.

When shopping at Factory and Outlet versions, customers can enjoy up to 50% off retail prices, enabling them to get great deals on otherwise more expensive clothing. It's important to keep in mind that while most items are high-quality, some clothing might show minor changes in fabric or stitching when compared to main store products. Bargain hunters should always inspect items carefully for any discrepancies.

Unveiling Your Best Fashion Choices

Each of Ann Taylor, Loft, Ann Taylor Factory, and Loft Outlet has unique offering in terms of style, pricing, and quality. Ann Taylor pulls ahead with high-end professional wear, while Loft offers a more casual, relaxed style. If you are looking for the same sophisticated vibe but at a more affordable price, turn your eyes to Ann Taylor Factory. For budget-friendly casual wear, Loft Outlet is your go-to. Regardless of your fashion preference, the key to getting the best deals lies in examining the clothing's details, understanding your personal style and comfort, and making mindful shopping choices. Whether you're dressing for a formal business meeting, a casual brunch with friends, or searching for the best bargains, remember to embody the mantra of fashion sustainability. Buying less, choosing well, and making it last never goes out of style!